Monday, March 10, 2008

Chick Flicks - Let the Flood Gates Open!

I have received an official request from one of my male readers who knows I'm busy scribbling away at a romantic comedy script:

"Could you talk about what makes a great chick flick next? Is it female bonding, friends doing girl things, sticking together through thick and thin? Is it the martyr heroine who takes on the cruel cold world? Is it the 'You go, girl!' moment when the evil stupid man gets his comeuppance? Is it some kind of nod to Jane Austen? What is it? And what is the difference between a great rom-com [romantic comedy] and a great chick flick? They're not necessarily the same thing, are they?"

So - I'd like to open this one up. I've got my own opinions for sure. But so does every woman who's ever been marketed to. While I work on my answer, please help me out! Post your ideas in the Comments (don't worry about signing up with Google; you can post Anonymously, too; they all come to me for approval anyway).

Let's help out our earnest male compatriots. They do try to understand us, too, you know, and as we all acknowledge, that's likely the much harder job. While you're at it, list some of your favorite films targeted at or about women, or address romantic relationships (in any form or preference) - should be a varied list, knowing the eclectic nature of this crowd!

And men, if you've got an opinion, we're all ears!

Just hit "Comment," and let the posting begin!